Optometrists' Approach to Contact Lens Prescription and Follow-Up Care

Optometrists' Approach to Contact Lens Prescription and Follow-Up Care

Optometrists' Approach to Contact Lens Prescription and Follow-Up Care

Optometrists' Approach to Contact Lens Prescription and Follow-Up Care

Optometrists' Approach to Contact Lens Prescription and Follow-Up Care

When it comes to eye care, your optometrist will make sure that you get the right lens prescription. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a comprehensive contact lens exam for a custom fit. But eye care does not stop there. Your eye doctor will also instruct you about proper follow-up care. Check out the following details about how an optometrist provides prescription contact lenses and proper follow-up care:


Contact Lens Exam and Prescription

A comprehensive eye exam is the first step to getting prescription lenses. This careful assessment will ensure that your contact lenses rest on your corneas without issue. It will prevent you from taking home ill-fitting lenses that cause discomfort or blurry vision. Your optometrist’s evaluation can also lower your risk of infection or corneal abrasion. The following measurements will ensure a precise prescription for your contacts:

  • A tear film evaluation can help determine if you can wear contact lenses. Dry eye syndrome can affect your contact lens experience, as its symptoms may cause eye irritation. This can make lens-wearing difficult. Some eye doctors suggest sticking to eyeglasses if you have severe dry eyes. For mild dry eye symptoms, your optometrist can suggest specific specialty lenses.

  • Cornea curvature and size tests can help your optometrist determine the right base curve and size for your lenses. A keratometer will show how the light bounces off of the cornea, which will then provide your cornea’s base curve.

  • Iris or pupil size can help determine the right size of contacts for your corneas. This evaluation is important if you are recommended gas-permeable contact lenses. Your optometrist will use a card with different pupil sizes that match your eyes. This test can determine which lens size is the closest match to your pupil size.


Fitting the Contact Lenses

After taking the necessary measurements, your optometrist will place temporary lenses on your eyes. Doing so will assess their fit and comfort. As you wear the lenses for a few minutes, they will interact with your corneal shape and tears. Your optometrist will examine the comfort and appearance of the lenses, as well as your visual acuity. You may need to try out several lenses before your provider chooses the most suitable ones for you.


The Prescription’s Validity

You may feel that your contact lenses work as efficiently as the first day you put them on. But studies show that vision can change in one year. Even if you’ve worn your contacts for years, annual eye exams are still necessary. When you regularly update your contact lens prescriptions, you ensure comfortable lens wear.


Follow-Up Care

A follow-up visit will involve a proper evaluation of your cornea. This assessment will help spot any significant changes from wearing your new contacts. Here are some of the things to expect from your contact lens follow-up care:


  • Your optometrist will perform specific tests that help maintain eye health. A slit lamp can examine your ocular tissues. This instrument can help the eye doctor see the fit of your contacts. Special eye drops can help doctors check the cornea for any damage from wearing contact lenses.

  • Your eye doctor can educate you more about how to wear contact lenses the right way. Complications can arise from improper use of contact lenses, such as corneal ulcers.

  • Follow-up care also helps maximize your vision. Your optometrist can adjust your lens prescription when needed.

The right contact lens prescription and follow-up care will enable you to have a comfortable contact lens experience. At Blue Valley Vision of Overland Park, we give our patients top-notch vision care products and services. You can visit our facilities on 151st Street and 135th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, for in-person consultations. Please call 913-681-2624 (151st Street) or 913-808-5830 (135th Street) to set an appointment or ask about our contact lens prescription packages

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