Getting Ready for a Clear Vision: Back-to-School Eye Exams for Students

Getting Ready for a Clear Vision: Back-to-School Eye Exams for Students

Getting Ready for a Clear Vision: Back-to-School Eye Exams for Students

Getting Ready for a Clear Vision: Back-to-School Eye Exams for Students

Getting Ready for a Clear Vision: Back-to-School Eye Exams for Students

The American Optometric Association encourages parents to bring their children in for back-to-school eye exams. Studies show that about 80% of learning requires good vision. In fact, eye exams are crucial to how your child excels in academic and non-academic activities. To prepare you and your child, you must know what to expect during these back-to-school eye exams. Here are the details:


Preparing for Back-to-School Eye Exams

Your child must understand the importance of eye exams. There could be some level of anxiety, especially if it is your child’s first eye exam. You can prepare your child by following these tips:

  • Research and be ready to share your family’s eye health history. This is an important way to determine the root cause of your child’s eye issues. Common eye problems include lazy eye and myopia. Early treatment of these eye conditions can prevent the onset of more serious eye conditions.

  • Encourage your child to wear protective eyewear during outdoor and sports activities. Doing so can prevent eye damage.

  • Be aware of possible eye issues. Always observe how your child reads, watches TV, or uses the computer. When headaches and eyestrain develop, you must take these as indications of eye conditions that need to be addressed. Also, inspect your child’s eyes for symmetry and any discoloration.


Going to School With Undiagnosed Eye Issues

Undiagnosed and untreated eye problems can prevent your child from learning well. That is why kids must undergo back-to-school eye exams before classes resume. Research reveals that many parents rely on school vision screening tests to check their children’s eye health.

A licensed optometrist for kids will perform the eye exam. With specialized tools, equipment, and techniques, eye doctors can provide accurate results. Visual skills, such as eye tracking, can help determine if your child’s eyes are ready for learning and if any issues with the eyes need immediate corrective treatment.


The Importance of Back-to-School Comprehensive Eye Exams

Current teaching styles involve a combination of online and face-to-face classes. Even the slightest eye issue can affect your child’s academic standing and impact their extracurricular activities. With good eyesight, your child’s learning experience can significantly improve inside and outside the classroom.


When a Child Should Have Eye Exams

Optometrists suggest bringing the child in for initial eye exams between six and 12 months, and succeeding exams will be scheduled as needed. Following the doctor’s advice is crucial for the child’s eye health, especially before starting school.

Getting regular eye exams every one or two years is crucial, with the following situations requiring more frequent visits with your optometrist:


  • The child has a general health condition affecting vision

  • The child wears corrective contacts or eyeglasses, which require yearly prescriptions

  • The child’s family has a history of pediatric eye diseases

Yearly back-to-school eye exams can help set your child up for success in school. At Blue Valley Vision of Overland Park, we provide high-quality eye care products and services to all our patients. You can visit our facilities on 151st Street and 135th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, for in-person consultations. Please call 913-681-2624 (151st Street) or 913-808-5830 (135th Street) to set an appointment or ask about our back-to-school eye exam packages.

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